Statement of the parents of the child on the miracle

My name is João Batista. This is my wife Lucila Yurie.

On the 3rd  March 2013, at 8 p.m., our son Lucas, who was playing with his sister Eduarda, fell from a window from a height of 6.5 m. He was 5 years old.
He fell on his head and had severe concussion, with loss of brain tissue.

He was treated in our city, Juranda, but due to the severity of his clinical condition, was transferred to the Hospital of Campo Mourão, in Paraná.
The trip lasted almost an hour.

He arrived in deep coma. He had two cardiac arrests and underwent an emergency operation. The doctors said he had very little chance of survival.
We started praying to Jesus and Our Lady of Fátima, to whom we have great devotion. The next day we called Campo Mourão Carmel, asking the Sisters to pray for our little boy. The Sister who got the phone call did not pass on the message to the community. They were in their hour of silence and she thought:”The little boy will die. I will pray for the family.”
As the days went by Lucas became worse. On the 6th  March the doctors thought of transferring him to another hospital, since there were no basic conditions for someone his age. They told us that the chances of survival were low and if he survived, recuperation would be very slow and he would almost certainly have cognitive impairment or even be in a vegetative state.
On the 7th  we again phoned the Carmel. On that day the Sister transmitted the message to the community. One of the Sisters ran to the relics of Blessed Francisco and Jacinta, that were near the tabernacle and felt the need to pray:”Little Shepherds, save this boy, who is a child like you.” She was able to convince the rest of the community to pray only through the intercession of the shepherd children.
And so they did. And we, as a family, began to also pray to the little shepherd children. And two days later, on the 9th  March Lucas woke up well and started to talk, asking for his sister. On the 11th  he left ICU and on the 15th  he was discharged.

He is perfectly well, without any symptoms or side-effects. What Lucas was before the accident he is now: his intelligence his personality, everything is the same.
The doctors, some were non-believers, said there was no explanation for this recovery.
We want to thank the medical staff that looked after Lucas, as well as the Postulation of Francisco and Jacinta Marto represented by Sister Ângela, for all the care given during the whole process until the canonisation.

We also thank the Sanctuary of Fátima for the invitation to witness this moment of grace. However, we cannot forget to thank all those who prayed for Lucas.
We give thanks to God for healing Lucas and we know with all the faith in our heart, that this miracle was achieved through the Little Shepherds Francisco and Jacinta. We are overjoyed that this is the miracle that canonises them, but most of all we feel the blessing of friendship of these two children, who helped our little boy and who now help our family.