Jacinta’s attitude of compassion is central. We recognise in her a heart with depth and passion, completely dedicated to the mission entrusted to her by Heaven. Her words have come down to us: “If only I could put into everyone’s heart the fire that I have inside my chest burning and making me love the Heart of Jesus and Mary so much!” (MIL 130). From the beginning of the apparitions, she developed a deep devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In the words of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, we can understand how love for Our Lady shaped Jacinta’s life: “To have devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is to approach this attitude of the heart, in which the fiat – your will be done – becomes the conforming centre of all existence”. In fact, the little shepherd Jacinta learned from Mary and at the school of her Immaculate Heart to make God’s will the conforming centre of her existence: she learned from her to “do as our Lord does” (MIL 44).

This desire to conform her existence to the Heart of Jesus led Jacinta to want to follow him, travelling the same path as the Master. Our Lord didn’t shy away from the agony of Gethsemane, the loneliness and abandonment of the Cross. And little Jacinta didn’t reject the loneliness of illness, the aridity of being denied Eucharistic communion – which would have been her last possible consolation at the moment of death – she didn’t escape the open wound in her chest, resembling the pierced heart of Jesus, whom she loved so tenderly. And she lived all this with serene joy and in a surrender of love, as those questioned in her canonical process testify.

Little Jacinta, who “loved to think so much” (MIL 61), meditating and keeping everything in her heart, as the Lady who was now her “teacher in the school of holiness” (John Paul II) had done, “and who introduced her to the intimate knowledge of Trinitarian Love” (Benedict XVI), learnt to have a universal heart. During her stay in prison in Ourém, when Lucia asked her to choose an intention for which to offer sacrifices – for poor sinners, or for the Holy Father, or in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary – Jacinta didn’t hesitate to reply: “I offer for all, because I love them all” (MIL 53).

She developed a deep sense of compassion for all forms of human suffering that she realised in the intense light of God and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She was insatiable in her thirst to pray and offer sacrifices for sinners. Her soul burned with this “zeal” for the salvation of humanity, which she felt to be her own. Listening to Jacinta, in her countless expressions of compassion for all kinds of suffering and misery, makes us grateful to the Father, because he has hidden these truths from the wise and intelligent, and revealed them to the little ones (cf. Mt 11:25).

About Jacinta

March 5

She is born in Aljustrel, parish of Fatima; 7th and last-born daughter of Manuel Pedro Marto and Olímpia de Jesus.

March 19

She is baptised in the parish Church of Fatima.

When she is only 6, she starts working as shepherd together with his brother accompanying the flock of their parents.

1st apparition of the Angel in Loca do Cabeço.


2nd apparition of the Angel in Arneiro.


3rd apparition of the Angel in Loca do Cabeço.

May, June and July 13th

1st, 2nd and 3rd apparitions of Our Lady in Cova da Iria.

August 13th

She is taken to Vila Nova de Ourém.

August 15th

She is brought back to Aljustrel.

August 19th

4th apparition of Our Lady in Valinhos.

September and October 13th

5th and 6th apparitions of Our Lady.


She falls sick with the Spanish flu epidemic.

April 4th

Death of Francisco. 

July 1st until August 31st

She is hospitalised in the Hospital of Vila Nova de Ourém.

End of January

She is admitted in the orphanage of Our Lady of Miracles (Orfanato de Nossa Senhora dos Milagres), in Lisbon.

February 2nd

She is hospitalised in D. Estefânia Hospital.

February 10th

She is operated.

February 16th

Our Lady appeared to her and she is freed of pains.

February 20th

She receives the sacrament of Reconciliation at 20:00.

February 20th

She dies at around 22:30.

February 24th

She is buried in Vila Nova de Ourém.

September 12th

Translation of the remains to the cemetery of Fatima.

March 29th

The most reverend José Alves Correia da Silva, Bishop of Leiria, received the authorization from the Sacred Congregation of Rites, to organise the Diocesan Process on the fame of holiness, virtues and miracles of Jacinta.

April 30th

Identification of the remains of her body.

May 1st

Translation of her remains to the Shrine of Fatima.

February 17th

Identification of the remains of Francisco.

March 13th

Translation of his remains to the Shrine of Fatima.

April 30th

Beginning of the Diocesan Informative Process (63 sessions and 25 witnesses).

June 2nd

Closing of the process.

August 3rd

Presentation of the process to the Sacred Congregation of Saints.

December 20th

Opening of the process in Rome.

May 13th

John Paul II proclaimed the heroism of the virtues of Francisco (decree of the virtues) granting him the title of venerable.

June 26th

Presentation of the process on the healing of Emília Santos in Rome.

June 28th

Decree on the healing miracle of Emília Santos.

May 13th

Beatification, in Fatima, by Pope John Paul II.

March 23rd

23 March 2017 - The miracle of Lucas Maeda de Oliveira approved, leading to his canonisation.

Canonisation in Fatima on the Centenary of Our Lady's Apparitions by Pope Francis.