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Francisco and Jacinta Marto Foundation

The Francisco and Jacinta Marto Foundation is an institution of the Diocese of Leiria-Fatima whose main purpose is to contribute to greater awareness of the life and holiness of Saints…


The Canonisation Processes are delivered by the Bishop of Leiria José Alves Correia da Silva, in 1952. At the time Canon João Pereira Venâncio was named postulator and initiated both processes.

30th April

30th April 1952, the opening session for the Diocesan Processes for the inquiry on the virtues of the Shepherd Children takes place.


Canon João Pereira Venâncio is in the meantime appointed Bishop in 1954 and begins his service in the Diocese of Leiria in 1958. 


Canon João Pereira appoints Fr. Luís Kondor as Postulator for the causes of the Shepherd Children, a position which he held until his death in 2019.

2nd July and 3rd August

Conclusion of the Diocesan Processes for the inquiry on the virtues of the Shepherd Children on the 2nd July and 3rd August for Jacinta and Francisco respectively.


The Processes are delivered to Rome, and on that same year Fr. Paolo Molinari SJ is appointed Postulator in urbe and Fr. Luís Kondor Postulator extra urbem. After a long debate on the possibility of the spirituality of a child attaining maturity in faith – since until then only martyred children were canonised – the Congregation for the Causes of Saints releases a statement  on the suitability of teenagers on the heroic exercise of virtues and martyrdom, in which it has a favourable opinion on the possibility of canonising children in the use of reason.


With that favourable statement, the Positio on the virtues of Francisco and Jacinta are written and submitted to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in 1988.

13th May

13th May, Saint John Paul II solemnly declares the heroic virtues of the Servants of God Francisco and Jacinta Marto, granting them the title of Venerable.

13th May

13th May, jubilee year, Pope John Paul II beatifies Francisco and Jacinta in Fatima. For the first time, the History of the Church is witness to the beatification of such young non-martyr children.  (Jacinta died at the age of 9 and her brother at the age of 10)

28th October

28th  October, the death of Fr. Luís Kondor, SVD.

1st November

1st November Sr Ângela Coelho,ASM is appointed Postulator extra urbem.

22nd June

22nd June, Sr Ângela is appointed Postulator in urbe.

23rd March

23rd March the miracle on Lucas Maeda de Oliveira is approved, leading to the canonisation.

13th May

13th of May on the Centenary of the Apparitions of Our Lady Pope Francis canonises the Saint Shepherds of Fatima.



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